Custom tours and private journeys


In addition to our scheduled tours, we also offer custom-designed birding tours for individuals, couples and small group of people. Our tours are flexible, safe and with the help of local guide, we let you participate in the planning. Even during the tour, itinerary can be changed under the certain circumstances such as migration fluctuation, the condition of the birding sites and number of birds that are present at the sites.

Our custom tours allow you to travel at your own rhythm with only the people of your choice, to choose your preference of birding destinations, and to have as much flexibility as you wish. You may not be able to go at the same time of year as one of our fixed tours, or you may want a different pace of tour, or a different itinerary, or a mixture of birding and nature, or birding and culture, or the pleasure of travelling with a group of friends. You select the date and length for a trip to suit yourself.

Alternatively, you might want to travel out early, or stay on after a tour in order to enjoy a private guided extension in search of some additional wanted birds. We can help you to create an itinerary only for you based on your interested target species or region that you want to visit if you are not sure what itinerary you would like. Whatever your requirements, we will be always happy to help you.

Please contact us regarding prices, we have different rate depending on the group size, destination and duration of the tour. We can quote for just about any privately designed and customized itinerary that interests you.

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